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Why Hands-on Practitioners Can’t Ignore Tech

Hands-on practitioners can’t ignore technology, even if it’s sometimes difficult to navigate the Internet or make your email work the way you want it to. If you’re going to have a business, you have to be found—and online is where people are looking for you.

Tech Secrets

May all your experiences on the Internet feel surprisingly awesome—as if butterflies suddenly streamed from your computer! Here are answers to some problems that practitioners run into…

Today… I had cold sweats

… when I deleted 405 people from my email list! Good to keep it current, but sometimes it helps to put on your Big Kid Panties before you hit DELETE.

How to Find Clients When You Need to Buy Bread

When you’re a hands-on practitioner, you have to be ready to find your clients everywhere you go — including the supermarket! For most practitioners, talking to strangers is a big hurdle, and that’s where Heart-to-Heartcomes in.

The Gifts You Bring

Year’s End is rapidly approaching, and no matter what you celebrate, you’re probably planning to bring a gift somewhere, sometime in the next few weeks…

To Get More Clients, Pull it All Together!

Sometimes, the solution to a problem is sitting right in front of your nose, and you can’t see it. This infographic outlines a variety of things you can do to help get the Feldenkrais clients you want.

To Get More Clients, Realize That You Know More Than Enough

It’s easy to imagine that we don’t know enough to help our Feldenkrais clients, because there’s always so much more that we can learn. If you want to help more people, you need t get more clients, which means starting where you are — right now!

To Get More Clients, Get Takeaways

One of the key moments in learning is consolidation. If you want to get more Feldenkrais clients, it’s useful to take a few minutes to pull together the key pieces you are taking away from any experience, even reading a month of blog posts.

To Get More Clients, Reflect Yourself

People expect you to be the same person, from the time they begin to get to know you, all the way through working with you. Your entire ‘brand’ needs to reflect you — not somebody you think is a marketer!

To Get More Clients, Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel

If you want to get more clients, it helps to have a mentor. Allison Rapp has had the kind of success you’re looking for, and has created a method derived from what you learned in your Feldenkrais training. What could be easier?

To Get More Clients, Value Your Compost Pile

If you want to help more people, you probably need to get more clients. One of the easiest ways to connect with people is through the obstacles you’ve overcome. Often, those are sitting in our own personal compost bins… bring yours out for air!

To Get More Clients, Embrace What You’ve Overcome

Clients appreciate knowing that you aren’t perfect. They like to know that you’ve overcome what they’re working on and it gives them confidence that you can help them do what you did. So, to get more Feldenkrais clients, embrace the obstacles you’ve overcome.

To Get More Clients, Deal With Your Money Issues

Unresolved money issues stop us from getting the Feldenkrais clients we need. We may push them away, or not know how to help work through their own money issues to realize they want to and can commit to working with us. However it works out, it means we don’t help the people we could help, if we dealt with money issues ourselves.