Allison Rapp

Why Hands-on Practitioners Can’t Ignore Tech

Hands-on practitioners can't ignore technology, even if it's sometimes difficult to navigate the Internet or make your email work the way you want it to. If you're going to have a business, you have to be found—and online is where people are looking for you.

The Internet.

It seems like a miracle when it works the way we think it’s supposed to. Seems like a curse when it doesn’t.

When things go wrong on the Internet, it’s easy to think we can live without it…an understandable but short-sighted response because studies show that more and more people use the internet to find help.

That means your clients are looking for you right here. So even if you find yourself annoyed with technology or overwhelmed by it, you cannot afford to ignore it.

And honestly, there are a lot of things that are amazing once you know the secret to using them.  Just in the last 3 days, I’ve responded to two tech issues that came up from practitioners who would like to have a less annoying time online. I’m pretty sure that in each case, it was a question of not understanding how the “intuitive” thing works.

And unfortunately, I find this more and more often myself. As we get older, more and more of the online world is being constructed by younger people. What’s intuitive to them is not intuitive to me.

I can’t tell you how many customer service people I’ve told that when a site asks what language I want, I’m not looking for “English, German or French.”

I’m looking for “Over 50.”

That’s why I decided that it’s time to start uncovering simple things you may not know about how the devices we depend on work and how to make them do their jobs in ways that feel better to you. There’s no point missing out on what the Internet has to offer—or not offering it to your clients—because of things that can easily be learned.

Now, just to be clear: there is no alternate reality in which I would consider myself a tech expert!

In fact, I have three experts that I call on for all kinds of things that keep my business running with minimal hiccups. Just yesterday, one of them wrote and told me how he got all the images on my website to reappear after they suddenly went missing. Basically, what he did was update Plugin A and Plugin B. Then he opened Plugin B and told it to connect itself to Plugin A. And all my images came back. I pay his (online) invoices with gratitude.

So these secrets are going to be shared as if we were sitting together and you told me about a problem you find vexing, and I know a solution that won’t make your brain hurt. Often you just need to use something you didn’t know was there.

They’ll find them on this page in an accordion or two—yes, because accordions are not just for the Polka anymore! You can scan down the list of topics and open any one you like by clicking the down-arrow—it looks like a “V.”

Check it out and let me know what’s bugging you. If it’s got a simple solution (read: one I know), I’ll add it.


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