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man with back pain

Weak Abs Don’t Cause Back Pain

Most often, back pain comes from overuse—and making your abs strong to relieve it is about force. Fortunately, you can get relief without pain or boredom.

Your Brain on Accidental Self-Employment

For practitioners, a good deal of stress has to do with wanting to do the work you love with people who need it, and ending up accidentally self-employed. This video explores the effect on your brain and how intentional action helps.

static electricity can form a habit

How Movement Habits Get Formed

Move Like You Used To classes help you change movement habits that work all the time and often make it hard to get what we want. Where do they come from?

Think Before You Act. Learn Before You Think.

We are living in a time of incredible challenges and change and those are inextricably linked to our roles as transformational leaders. To be credible, you have to keep learning and evolving… get started here.

7 Ways to Spend Time Without Wasting It

When you have “extra” time on your hands, do you spend it with or without intention? Here are 7 ways to use time you didn’t expect t have without watching part of your life simply disappear without value.

Feel Like Crying? Me, Too.

There’s no point in hiding your feelings about the pandemic. But if you’re here for something bigger — like transformational work — you need to make sure that you don’t get stuck there. Here are some ideas for coping with those times.

Keeping Your Practice Afloat in Crisis

In the middle of a pandemic, you can’t do business as usual. To keep your transformational holistic practice afloat, you have to become the transformational leader your clients need. Here’s the door to my free course, Teaching Online!

How Claiming Your Authority Helps Your Clients

Many holistic practitioners have difficulty claiming their authority because they associate it with telling their clients what to do, or what they should feel. In reality, your clients benefit when you step into transformational leadership and claim your rightful authority.

Can You Ever Have Too Much Choice?

If your practice is about creating more and more choice for your clients, you need to think about when more choice actually gets in the way of making progress, how to know when enough is enough and how limiting choice in your business helps it grow.

Your FAT Habits Can Change Your Practice

We all have habits of feeling, acting and thinking. I call them “FAT habits” and like pretty much every habit, their function is to limit choice. When habits affect your ability to build a sustainable business and lead to helping only a fraction of the people you’re here to serve, it pays to see where they’re hiding.

You’ll Always Beat The Big Guys At This

True, you don’t have the money a big business has for promotion, but when it comes to giving your clients what they yearn for, you’ve got them beat—hands down! Here’s how to maximize your advantage.

How To Be a Hero When You Feel Like a Wallflower

If you feel like a wallflower in social settings, you could be missing the chance to connect with people who would see you as a hero–if only you felt like you could talk to them! Here’s how to make that happen.

The Importance of Being Connected

We know that social connections are beneficial to health–but if you’re used to working quietly with one person at a time you might have to make an intentional effort to create and maintain them.

GOT Purpose?

If you know you are here to do transformational work, your own hero’s journey is not “something else,” not some part of your life that can be segmented out, or a costume you put on when you have a client and take off when your session is over. It’s intimately connected to what your clients need from you. 

Your Life PhD Makes You Unique

Focusing on what sets you apart from every other practitioner makes it easy for people to recognize that you can help them. It makes it possible for you to maximize the time, money and energy you spend on advertising. And it increases the likelihood that you’ll find yourself on the path to getting 80% of your first-time clients to say YES to long-term work with you.

Ever Wonder What to Talk About?

When you don’t engage with the people on your email list often enough, sending a note to them becomes a chore that just doesn’t find its way to the top of your list very often.