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How to Customize Infographics

People love infographics because they’re fun and engaging.
Share any one that you find here… just don’t brand it as yours without permission. 🙂

How to Find Clients When You Need to Buy Bread

When you’re a hands-on practitioner, you have to be ready to find your clients everywhere you go — including the supermarket! For most practitioners, talking to strangers is a big hurdle, and that’s where Heart-to-Heartcomes in.

It’s Your Job to Help Clients Commit

It’s easy to focus on the wrong things when you try to help clients commit to working with you. There are 3 essentials things that sit in the background and control everything in the foreground… master them and you’ll find yourself getting more clients more easily.

Where Do You Look When You Need to Get Clients?

To get clients in your hands-on practice, think about what you’re not looking at. It’s easy to focus on the wrong things by staying in the comfortable circle of what you know, but in fact, what you need to learn most likely lies somewhere outside that circle. If it didn’t, you’d already have mastered it. ☺

Today… I Got Hit By Bad Manners

Adding all your “friends” to a FB group is really bad manners. Invite them, tell them why they would love it… don’t just add people you barely know!

Today I Overheard

… one of my clients tell someone that he’s beginning to realize there’s an awful lot of “annoying personal growth involved” in building his practice!

Seth Godin Doesn’t Use Images — Should You?

The right images used on a blog post or static page can make a huge difference in what visitors understand about you, how often your pages are seen, and how much they’re shared. Why does this matter to hands-on practitioners and movement educators? What’s relevant in the data on blog posts, images, readership? When should you copy the “big guys” and when can you ignore what they know and what they do?