Allison Rapp

Today A Friend Wrote on Facebook…

... about what happens when you lose control of your Facebook page. Don't let it happen to you—here's how to protect yourself!


… about one of her clients who had a big problem…

HELP! I have a client who owns a family business. His stepmother (now deceased) had created and administered their biz FB page and he has no log-in/admin access to page. Does anyone know how he can get admin info/page ownership back stat? He’s tried contacting FB but to no avail.

This is about as bad as it gets. Facebook isn’t going to do anything, and if you can’t get into the admin’s account, there is NOTHING you can do.

And death is not the only way you can lose your business — or group — page. If you do something on your personal OR business page that upsets Facebook, you can get shut down. And when you get shut down, you lose access to everything. Every. Single. Thing.

Moral of the story:

You need to have at least 2 admins on every page you create.

Choose them carefully. They will have the same control over your page that you have, so they should be people you TRUST. You don’t want to give “just anybody” the option of removing you as an admin and/or deleting your page.

My admins are my assistant and my daughter.

Is your business page/group page protected with at least 2 people you trust as admins? If not, log into FB and fix that right now!


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