No matter how unseen and misunderstood you currently feel —  I have a proven track record in helping practitioners like you grow a sustainable and satisfying business at any stage of your journey.

Allison Rapp
Allison Rapp

There’s a huge gap between what’s being taught about how to get clients, and the people who need it most — like hands-on holistic practitioners. My expertise in is bridging that gap for you, so you can understand what to do, and how to do it and so it feels easy and natural.

I’m Allison Rapp, and after 35 years of running my own Feldenkrais® practice, I decided I had to get off the roller coaster — you know how it goes: some clients one week, not so many the next. Potential clients glaze over when you try to talk about how you can help them. Every session feels like an audition for the next one. Move and you lose your entire income. Too much criticism from inner voices.

I finally realized it was time to invest in business training when my family had moved to a wonderful place — but it was harder than ever to get clients. I learned from some of the best people in the coaching industry — but unfortunately coaching isn’t like a hands-on practice.  In order to use the ideas I was learning, I had to translate and adapt everything they taught so that it was relevant for me as a hands-on practitioner.

Finally, it was working! Even in my new rural hometown, more than 90% of clients who came for an initial consultation committed to having at least 10 sessions with me. Imagine what would happen to your practice if nearly every person you saw came at least 10 times!

So, since 2010, I’ve been helping practitioners like you at every stage of the practitioner journey.

  • If you’re just starting, I’ll help you build your first practice from nothing.
  • If you have clients, I’ll help you refine your attraction and enrollment efforts so your practice is the clients who give you the most energy and pay what you’re worth.
  • If you’ve got what looks like a great practice, but you feel like there’s “something missing,”  I’ll help you transform your future by aligning your life’s purpose with your work.

You’ll find that my life experience as a hands-on practitioner permeates every program, every Q&A call, every private session. This is why, after hands-on practitioners work with me, they describe the following kinds of benefits and results:

  • They have the right words that make them understood by potential and existing clients.
  • They are finally seen as the valuable practitioners they are.
  • They feel validated in their communities for helping people learn and grow.

When you know how to find out what’s important to a prospective client, you can have a conversation that makes sense to them — and you can do it using words that feel like you.

In short, you show up as the best living example of the transformation you offer.

That’s what moves people from asking “What do you do?” to “When can we start?”

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Allison Rapp