Allison Rapp

Articles about building the business that supports your practice

You Can’t Download Confidence

Over decades of training, mentoring, and coaching colleagues, I’ve heard too many practitioners say they lacked the confidence needed to begin. Get the free course that shows you how to build confidence so you can build a practice.

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Your Brain on Accidental Self-Employment

For practitioners, a good deal of stress has to do with wanting to do the work you love with people who need it, and ending up accidentally self-employed. This video explores the effect on your brain and how intentional action helps.

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Feel Like Crying? Me, Too.

There’s no point in hiding your feelings about the pandemic. But if you’re here for something bigger — like transformational work — you need to make sure that you don’t get stuck there. Here are some ideas for coping with those times.

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Keeping Your Practice Afloat in Crisis

In the middle of a pandemic, you can’t do business as usual. To keep your transformational holistic practice afloat, you have to become the transformational leader your clients need. Here’s the door to my free course, Teaching Online!

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