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Here are my most popular courses–they’ve helped hundreds of practitioners get more clients and increase their income!

Allison Rapp


How I Found the Confidence to Charge

If you don’t have enough confidence to charge for your work, chances are you need more practice. This is an outline of how to get the practice that will give you confidence.


Embrace Your Strengths

What’s important to you determines what you focus on.
Boost your awareness and get meaningful, easy-to-use techniques that will help you spot gaps in your conversation early on…
and fix them before they become bottomless pits.


Love Your Business

Build a reliable foundation that will make your practice viable, in 3-5 hours a month with guidance, support and collegiality.


Create a Course

Learn to create a course in under 5 hours, with skills you already have and technology you’re probably already using.

Rely on your strengths

Rely On Your Strengths in Times of Change


Teaching Online

Forum, conversations, tips and links to help you get started online.


Basic Business Blueprint

Get a basic foundation under your business in less than 5 hours!


Package Your Hands-On Services

Get off the income roller-coaster by creating packages that work.


Hands-On Business Kickstart

5 quick & easy steps toward building a base for your practice.


Allison’s Success Circle

Monthly group calls for Q&A, laser coaching & special topics.


Hero’s Journey

Create a signature talk that builds your practice.



Learn to ATTRACT & ENROLL clients without being pushy or manipulative.


Align Your Mindset

Deal with the most likely ways your inner voices take you down.


Move Like You Used To

Imagine the freedom of being active without pain, doing the things you dreamed of doing at this time in your life—and into the future where you’re secure in your independence!