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Allison Rapp

Why it’s good to Talk

Almost every practitioner I speak with who wants more clients needs to master the attraction and enrollment skills I teach in the Heart-to-Heart program.

So let’s start right here on this page, by taking a focused look at your practice. That way, we’ll be able zero in one what’s really important when we’re together on our call.

Here are some signs that Heart to Heart might be the help you need right now:

  • You aren’t clear about what you need to do to build your practice.
    You’ve been trying, but somehow nothing has worked. There’s a lot of free information, and you’re confused about which of it applies to you, or how to implement what you’re reading about.
  • You’ve taken other business training and you still don’t have the practice you want –You still might not be attracting the clients you really want, or unable to enroll at least 80% of the people who have a first session with you. You might have a full schedule and no energy, or maybe you can’t pay your bills. Or you’ve got the nagging feeling that somehow, you aren’t aligned with your purpose.
  • You are ready to serve the clients you’re here to help.
  • You’ve got your training and the certificate that says you’re ready — but something else is holding you back. Your training didn’t include much business help and what you got didn’t seem to address your inner voices… in fact, they may have become louder.
  • You feel really READY to change things – Internally, you feel the kind of “push” that tells you you’re willing to grow around and beyond the internal blocks that have stopped you, whether you feel like a fraud or imposter, or that you don’t belong in your community or that you’re not good enough… or however else your inner voices take you down.

If You See Yourself Here, These 2 Steps Will Help You Get Clear About What to Do Next

Step 1:

Watch this webinar outlining critical mistakes most practitioners are making in trying to get enough clients to earn a living. It’s an eye-opening mini-training that will help you see your practice and your efforts to earn a living with new clarity.

You’ll need about 75 minutes, your calendar or schedule, pen and paper, and a simple calculator.

Step 2:

Make an appointment to talk with me!

Bring the results you got from the webinar… we’ll need them as we talk about how what you want and whether we’re a fit for working together.


All the information about my programs is true to the best of my knowledge. However, your return on any investment in a program designed to help you build your practice is dependent on many factors and other people’s success is not a guarantee that you will experience the same results. It is not possible to guarantee — and I make no promises regarding — your specific results. If your financial situation is such that the investment you are considering means that you will be unable to fulfill your financial responsibilities to yourself and others, this may be the wrong time for you to invest in your practice.