Allison Rapp

Increase Your Income by 1/3, Increase Your Fees by ZERO

If you trade your time for money, there are few options for earning more. Here's a way that you can increase your income by 33% without working more hours or raising your fees at all!

When you trade time for money, as most practitioners do, you don’t have many options for increasing your income — you work more hours or you charge more. That’s usually it.

But when I lived in Washington, DC, there came a time when having a baby meant I needed to earn more money in fewer hours.

And I was terrified to raise my rates as much as I would have needed to.

Then suddenly it dawned on me. There was another way… and recently while I was answering a client’s question, I explained exactly what I did.

I’ve extracted that bit from our call and it’s the first short video (this one is only 3 minutes) in a new series I’m calling Just One Pithy Slice.

I hope you enjoy it!