Health Benefits of The Feldenkrais Method®

Download Infographic: 5 Health Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method®
The Feldenkrais Method offers many health benefits. This infographic is free for practitioners to customize with their contact information and use to promote your practice.

Convincing people that they should work with you is so difficult!

If you’ve tried it, you probably realize how useless it is most of the time.

Talking to people about benefits is much more effective, so I’ve made this infographic for you that highlights 5 health benefits that clients get from doing Feldenkrais® work.

To use it — including putting your own contact information onto the page, please click or tap here to see instructions.

Leave a comment — you could simply tell me how you’re going to use this! It helps me know this was valuable for you as a practitioner — and that inspires me to create more free resources for you… 😉
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31 thoughts on “Health Benefits of The Feldenkrais Method®”

  1. What a gnerous gift – Thank you Alilson Now, to figure out how to best make use of this. Not sure if I’m gettig much traffic on my website.
    Hard copy flyers and word-of-mouth seem to be what brings me new clients.

    1. Allison Rapp

      Hey, Donna Rose!
      So sweet to see you here!
      You could try posting it on your Facebook page… or on Twitter, or Pinterest… wherever you are connected. Make sure to put your own info into it first and upload your custom Infographic!
      xo, Allison

    1. Allison Rapp

      MaryBeth, I’m blushing! Thanks so much. I would be thrilled to see it everywhere… and more than happy to make more. I am good at the graphics and when we co-create the content, it’s easy and fun for me!

  2. Thank you Allison, I so like how you are always moving on and creating
    more to help us whilst growing your own business. For me it builds trust and as you beautifully said, there are enough clients for everyone.

    I would like to use this with clients, and for them to share with friends who ask what they are doing that is helping them.

  3. Hello Allison, thank you for this! I could do the same in Italian! and spread it through out the Italian Community. What do you think?
    Competency Facilitator

    1. Allison Rapp

      Hi, Sonia!
      I think that would be great! Do you want to give me copy — or are you saying you can make the changes on the file itself?

  4. Nancy Norwood

    Allison, thank you so much for this generous gift! I got it to work after some not so successful attempts, but now it looks good. I used Arial Rounded and a dark green.

  5. Dear Allison,

    Awesome! This was very kind and generous of you to share this wonderful Infographic with all of us. Ever since I took my very first workshop from you at the 1996 Feldenkrais Guild Conference, regarding “Working with/through C7”, I have recognized your skill and talent as a proficient Practitioner and Trainer.

    Again, thank you very much for everything, Allison! You are the best!

    Take good care,


    1. Allison Rapp

      Thanks, James! Love to hear that I’m helping… makes me feel like doing more!
      xo, Allison

  6. Allison,
    Great idea, and thanks for sharing. I have a presentation to give this week, so I took your idea and made several variations (8.5×11 [cut to size], and 24×36. Plus with a little creativity, postcards.


    1. Allison Rapp

      Rob, nothing right something useful at just the right moment! So glad it turned out that way for you!
      xo, Allison

  7. Thank you, this is fabulous and will be using it very soon for my next printing of leaflets and also for my new Feldenkrais website. Very excited!

  8. Thankyou Allison!

    What wonderful, useful, easy information to use. I will put it every were I can, FB, Instagram, and Pinterest. I wonder if I can get your permission to translate it in to Swedish to?

  9. Allison,
    What generosity of spirit to share with us what you’ve learned works best. And to do it in such cutting edge ways. Our clients and potential clients look for infographics–and our having them makes us look more professional. Perfect timing for me! Where am I going to use it? On our Holistic Healing web site (which we are re-doing in a more PL, H2H, and HJ way), on Facebook, on postcards around town, in our Mad Mimi newsletters, and as John Prine sings, maybe even on my own forehead! Thanks again!

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