Today I Had a Look at Unsubscribes From My Email List


As usual, I noticed that there were a few people who left. It used to bother me, but now I’m always thankful when people realize we’re not a fit. It’s not my intention to bother anyone who doesn’t want my emails.

And if my emails bother a few subscribers, I’m not going to change them, because we are obviously not a fit, so it’s not an issue when they leave.

But this IS an issue — two people characterized the emails I sent to them as SPAM, and I always have a deeper look at those, because I wonder how they could have gotten on my list without subscribing to it.

Both of them subscribed themselves… one signed up for emails, and the other registered for a webinar — and when she did, I let her know it meant I would send ongoing practice building information.

It’s the same no matter how you get on my list: Take a free gift, and it comes with ongoing help. Register for a call and you’ll get more help in the future.

Look at the end of this post and you’ll see another way I say it.

I always tell you what to expect from me. And you are always free to unsubscribe.

So I get a bit excited… well, okay, I get agitated… when people say I’m spamming them.

You hate spam as much as your clients do

When somebody gives you permission to email them, the fact that she no longer wants to hear from you doesn’t suddenly mean that you’re spamming her.

When she reports spam to her email provider, it hurts your reputation with the company you depend on to send your emails and it means other people who use the same provider she uses (AOL, Gmail, etc) may not get emails from you that they’re looking for.

Educate your clients

As long as you’re sending your emails the way we’re supposed to do it, there’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every one. Let people know they are on your list because they subscribed. Ask them not to classify you as spam.

But long before that—when they subscribe to your list—tell them what to expect from you. Then make sure that you send your subscribers what you promised.

And this just in from my email provider…

When I checked with my provider about these folks, I could hear them suppressing a laugh on their end. Why? Because 2 people over months for the size list I have is nothing compared to what they see every day.

So, that’s the proof that what I’ve outlined does work—if you’re not currently doing it, start now!


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2 thoughts on “Today I Had a Look at Unsubscribes From My Email List”

  1. Great article, Allison. I have been seeing a lot of our stuff reported as spam lately, too. I’ve actually used it as an opportunity to reconnect and email them from a personal account saying “Sorry you thought I spammed you!” followed by either a personal connection if I know them, or a re-introduction to our mission. I’ve had some great responses and one even opted back in. Thanks for supplying the education!

    1. Allison Rapp

      Thanks for checking, Heather! It’s so true — it IS a great chance to connect from personal email. One of the things I’ve discovered is that people have no idea what it means when they designate something as SPAM. And of course, a lot of people forget they’ve subscribed!

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