Allison Rapp

Massive Change Results From Massive Disorientation

After the US election, you could be despondent—or see an opening for real change and an opportunity to step into your role as a transformational leader.

November 19, 2016

If you live in the US or have followed anything about our election, you know there’s been a sea change here. Nearly everyone I know has been depressed or despondent (or both) about the results, and I was right there with them for a few days. Were you?

I admit that I still don’t want to absorb the news, and I am not inclined to read any of the thousands of postmortems the Internet is offering up.

But oddly enough, I find myself once again singing to my dogs in the morning, and I feel a surge of energy pushing me to new level of showing up in the world.Massive Change Results from Massive Disorientation

We have a chance to rethink everything

We all have known for quite some time that our planet is seeking massive change… on every level.

But it doesn’t happen when we’re all comfy and cozy and self-satisfied because we just stuffed ourselves eating Thanksgiving dinner and the dishes are done and we’re all settling in for a well-deserved nap ’round the fireplace.

No—massive change comes when massive disruption and chaos create massive disorientation, like what you may be experiencing right now. That world-spinning, feet-slipping, head-reeling confusion is what opens the door to massive possibility for change.

We tend to learn and grow, to take risks and to become something radically new only when we’ve been shaken to the core by changes in one of our individual universes: health, relationships or money. Fall seriously ill, get divorced, lose your income… and find yourself ripe for change.

The difference today is that this core-shaking is happening at a bigger level…and not just to our society, either, but all over the world… even Mother Earth is unstable to a degree unfamiliar to most of us.

It’s a real gift that we are not alone in this confusion. We each have massive support at a moment in our lifetime when the very cosmos seems to be staring us in the face, asking the question…

How Big Is Your YES?How big is your “YES!”—in such a time as this?

This is what Jeffrey van Dyk is asking now. He’s the mentor I’ve been studying with for more than a year, in order to learn how to help practitioners get past the wounds that are stopping them from doing what we are here to do… heal the world.

Of course, because we learn what we most need for ourselves, this has been my inner journey, too. Truth be told, I’ve known for many years that I’m here to do something no one else can do… and I’ve been too afraid to know it clearly enough to speak it, be it and share it.

I’ve been afraid that what I offer is so different, that it won’t be seen as “legitimate,” that I’ll be called a “fraud” or judged  “not good enough,” that people will talk about me behind my back and take every opportunity to laugh at me.

Can you relate?

Maybe you can understand why I’ve been hiding it.

…Why I’ve been making excuses for myself about not being ready, about not understanding, about being overwhelmed.

…Why I’ve been talking about it with a few people here and there–but never openly, never to people I didn’t know were already right there with me and didn’t need convincing.

I’ve been afraid that if I offer the gift that only I can bring, I’ll be shunned by my community. The threat of not belonging stopped me for decades from stepping into why I’m here and what I’m meant to do.

I can’t do that anymore. Things are happening now that I knew about but never expected to see. They’re happening on my watch, and it’s not possible for me to hide or pretend I can’t do anything about it.

The time has come to see and know clearly what I am meant to do… to speak it and be the best living example of it in the world, so that I can share it openly with the people I am here to serve.

The time has come to acknowledge my fear, summon my courage and accept my calling.

Are you ready?Are you ready?

Do you hear a call rising inside you?

Will you receive it or turn a deaf ear?

The kind of call I’m talking about—that nagging whisper in the still of the night, that won’t go away no matter how many times you say “No!”—that call doesn’t come from nowhere. People are making that call… the people who need YOU.

To accept it, you have to actively receive the call, and agree to step into the higher part of yourself you’re being called into.

When you say the things that only you can say, you begin to see people showing up that you haven’t seen before. These are the people you’re here to serve. When you hang back you can’t see them and they can’t see you—you miss each other like ships passing in the night.

What you really know in your heart can feel like truth that’s too dangerous to speak… truth your people are yearning to hear, but at the same time, afraid to listen to–at least, in normal times.

But in a time such as this—when things are falling apart—we are ready to listen, ready to rethink, ready to take a radically different path than the one that got us here. Times like this are made for dangerous truth.

So if you’re hearing something, the question is: are you ready to accept the call from your people to show up as the person you are meant to be?

In normal times, it’s easy to drown out that little voice when it whispers to you about how tired you are of “fixing people”; other voices—maybe your inner accountant or your guilt monitor or some other voice that keeps you small—speak louder. But in times like this it’s harder to ignore the voice that says “You’re know you’re not here to fix people—you’re here to transform them.”

If you’ve been hearing that voice lately, it might be more insistent because in times like the ones we’re in, it can become impossible to ignore the call to become what we’ve been too afraid to be.

Yet heeding the call requires letting go of what stops you and that can pose challenges you may not know how to solve on your own.

You are not alone

My calling is to help you say a bigger YES to your calling — to help you get past what pulls you down, makes you doubt and keeps you smaller than your YES.

If you aren’t sure how to step into what’s next for you — well, that’s why I created a group for us on Facebook. I invite you to consider joining us for the kind of support that makes it easier to show up as big as your “YES!”

Click here to visit the Hands-on Transformation Group on Facebook.


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