Allison Rapp

The Client Journey for Hands-on Practitioners

Infographic shows how to create a path to your practice to help people who have just heard about you get the information they need to become your clients.

When you’re a hands-on practitioner, and you’re looking for clients, there are a number of things to keep in mind —

  • You can’t expect people to magically arrive on your doorstep just because you’re ready to work with them.
  • You can’t expect an onslaught of traffic to your website just because you’ve labored over creating it — and belabored every decision.
  • You can’t expect that every person you meet is going to be interested in your work, even though you know you can help everyone on the planet.
  • You can’t expect that letting people know your modality exists is enough to make them become clients.

What you can expect is that most people will need help to understand why they should commit to working with you, and that it’s going to take time.

What you do during that time is crucial to getting the clients you really love, and to what you do after people become your clients is crucial to getting great referrals.

It’s all part of the Client Journey, outlined below!


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