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How to Find Clients When You Need to Buy Bread

When you're a hands-on practitioner, you have to be ready to find your clients everywhere you go -- including the supermarket! For most practitioners, talking to strangers is a big hurdle, and that's where Heart-to-Heartcomes in.

When you’re a hands-on practitioner, you’re looking for clients where you live… and that’s why this was such a great post to find on the Facebook page for our Success Circle group!

Find clients wherever you go

The beauty of having a “local” hands-on practice is that you are surrounded by potential clients. They could be anywhere–at the grocery store, the bank, the post office, even at the dog park.

You have to be ready to meet them where they are—and that means you have to be prepared to find clients in the course of your daily life. A couple of weeks ago, my husband found a new long-term client while we were having dinner at a local restaurant—but your next clients could be anywhere in your environs!

I can hear you thinking… “Yeah… well… I’m not Alastair. I’ll bet he doesn’t have any problem talking to people, but it’s not so easy for me. I don’t see how I could do that.”

Well—it’s possible that you are less at home around new people than Al is. But what you might not know is that even practitioners who are at ease with new folks don’t usually know how to have a conversation that gets those people interested in their work.

You also might not realize that a lot of the discomfort that arises in a conversation with a new person is related to the many layers you bring to it, and the many ways your attention gets fractured.

When you’re not comfortable, it’s hard to get a client—that’s true for any practitioner, anywhere in the world. What happens is…

  • You’re likely to talk about the wrong thing, so people aren’t interested.
  • You may not feel comfortable recommending the next step or asking people to make a decision about wanting it.
  • Maybe you convince yourself that your work only is “right for” or “appealing to” a few people-—even though you know it can help everyone—so you wait for those people to find you.
  • You probably shy away from telling people how you can help, because that feels a lot like boasting about yourself.
  • Or you might decide that it’s not worth the effort because encounters that lead nowhere are too awkward.

You see people who need your help everywhere you go

They really are everywhere you go, and learning how to talk with them is one of the easiest ways to get new people interested in your work and find new clients who will commit to working with you long enough to get the results they really want.

To turn what could be a missed opportunity into an initial consultation, that first conversation has to be comfortable and easy for you, and relevant for the other person.

Once you know how to have a conversation like that, it’s a lot easier to feel at home talking to people you don’t know—and when you have that kind of conversation, people come away wanting more of YOU!

“H2H really works!”

Al was talking about the newly revised advanced training I created for practitioners who need help to find clients. It’s called Have a Heart-to-Heart Conversation, and my latest revision brings everything home in a way that feels easy and natural to you because it’s based on who you are.

Imagine learning how to talk with people you don’t know. You meet them randomly, like Al did at the store–or maybe they call you because they want to find out about your work.

Your conversation naturally leads to a consultation for the people who might be a great fit with you.

Your consultation leads to having a new client who is really committed to doing what it takes to get the kind of transformation you offer.

That’s what Al and scores of other practitioners have learned to do and it’s changed everything.

Practitioners are now making a living instead of making themselves wonder if people will ever value their work. People are getting the help they need, instead of leaving their first session with a practitioner wondering what the heck just happened.

Not all science is rocket science

You’ll find that getting clients can be easy and natural because H2H offers a combination of solid, proven strategies and solid, proven science — research and assessments that have been tested and proven for over 30 years. And because that allows you to tap into your natural strengths and make everything easy, you’ll find your comfort zone expanding without feeling stressed.

Knowing more about yourself is the foundation for making choices that draw your clients toward you rather than push them away. It’s how you’ll learn which things to do more of and which to let go of. And it’s why you’ll be able to turn your training into a viable practice more easily than you ever imagined it could happen!

I’m happy to say: I’m glad I’m not a “marketing guru”

Why? Because the “marketing gurus” don’t know you’re not a coach…

That’s why they think their solutions are going to work for you.

It’s why they tell you their templates will get you clients. The problem is that you’re not using them. You must be lacking trust or motivation, or something. It’s on you, though, never on them.

That’s what’s so different about Heart-to-Heart.

I studied with many of the top marketing gurus, and they all pretty much say the same thing: The templates work. Use them. You can’t go wrong. They work for me, why wouldn’t they work for you?

Well… the reason they don’t work for you is the same reason they didn’t work for me when I was in their trainings—you don’t know how to make them feel like you, so those words won’t come out of your mouth. It doesn’t matter how great those words are—they can’t work, if they’re stuck in your throat.

The science of Heart to Heart is essential to helping you find clients

What you learn about the way you perceive the world makes it possible for you to create your own individual conversation that gets you clients. Using the template as a map rather than a script makes it easy to chart your own path to success in every conversation. You never lose sight of who you are, what’s important to you or how you want to interact with other people. Your integrity stay intact.

To find clients, you don’t have to turn into your worst nightmare of a sleazy marketer. You simply need to have the map and tools that makes the path your own, every time you walk it with a new potential client.

If you’d like to make your trips to the grocery store pay for your groceries and a whole lot more, check out the NEW Have a Heart-to-Heart Consultation… click here to learn more.

And while you’re there, feel free to use the form on that page to book a private call with me, if you’d like to explore whether Heart to Heart is a good choice for you.
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