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Today… I had cold sweats

… when I deleted 405 people from my email list! Good to keep it current, but sometimes it helps to put on your Big Kid Panties before you hit DELETE.

How to Find Clients When You Need to Buy Bread

When you’re a hands-on practitioner, you have to be ready to find your clients everywhere you go — including the supermarket! For most practitioners, talking to strangers is a big hurdle, and that’s where Heart-to-Heartcomes in.

To Get More Clients, Reflect Yourself

People expect you to be the same person, from the time they begin to get to know you, all the way through working with you. Your entire ‘brand’ needs to reflect you — not somebody you think is a marketer!

To Get More Clients, Show Them Their Power

Show your prospective clients how you will help them attain their dream! People who have lost hope of ever attaining their dreams often will never believe they can do it, without direct proof. If you want to get more clients, you have to become more of yourself… more of the person who can show your clients their power!

To build your holistic practice, set your priorities!

Feldenkrais® and other holistic practitioners generally want to spend most of their work time with their clients. To make sure you have a steady stream of clients, you also need to schedule things that build your practice. It’s hard to do that unless you’ve figured out what the most important things are; otherwise, “stuff” just clogs your brain and keep you from getting anything done. Here’s a simple outline for how to make it happen!