Allison Rapp

Today… I had cold sweats

... when I deleted 405 people from my email list! Good to keep it current, but sometimes it helps to put on your Big Kid Panties before you hit DELETE.

todayOh boy, what a moment.

I just deleted 405 people from my email list. Yup. You read that right.

Had to go put on my Big Girl Panties before I hit the button because it felt like… well, just imagine it for yourself.

But now that I’ve done it, I feel… pretty darn awesome! Yes! I do!

I recently changed email providers and now it feels easy to offer you the best of what I have… but the truth is that that if you aren’t opening my emails, there’s no reason under the sun for me to pay for you to get them in your inbox.

I actually stopped sending mail to those folks a few weeks ago, and my last email had an open rate of 70.1% … SOOO much better than the 25-30% I had been seeing.

If you want that kind of open rate, just have a look at who hasn’t opened an email from you in the last 6 months. Email them and let them know you’re going to take action. Let them know you’re willing to send them something great… and if they don’t want it, cut the cord. Believe me… if it were going to happen, it would have happened within 6 months.

Believe me… if it were going to happen, it would have happened within 6 months.

Sometimes you just have to fall back on the knowledge that it’s not a fit, and that isn’t anybody’s fault. You don’t have to save every single person in the world, and if someone doesn’t want what you offer, it’s not a rejection of you and your entire life.

Even so… feel free to send me a note if you’ve put on your Big Kid Panties, and you still need someone to hold your hand when you hit the button.


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