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This was the plea for help:

Is there a way to automatically trash emails received from “do not reply” sources?
I really don’t get why anyone would want to buy something from someone you can’t get back to.
But I still have to waste time dealing with this unsolicited [expletive deleted].
Help me waste less of my life on this at present incompostable process.
Thanks in advance!

Here’s how to deal with it:

First of all, those notices are usually not selling you anything, and the company always has another address if you need to contact someone. “Do not reply” messages are automated messages generally used for informational purposes, and usually tell you things like:

  • “Your domain name has been renewed.”
  • “Your automatic payment has failed.”
  • “Your appointment needs to be confirmed.”
  • “We received your credit card payment.”
  • “Someone sent you money.”

If you REALLY don’t want them, then depending on how you read your mail, you should be able to search for “do not reply” or “do-not-reply” and see it that brings up the emails you don’t want.

If it does, create a filter for those words, then choose what you want to be done with them. If you think you will ever need them again, I would suggest “skip inbox and archive” is a better choice than “delete without showing them to me.”

Or you could archive them or create a label and tag them all so you can find something if you need it.

Another way to search would be to look for the email addresses you get them from. Then you could decide to delete some and save others if you need them.

The problem, as expressed by an annoyed subscriber

I don’t want to have a plastered Get Clients Authentically sealed across a blog page I’m trying to read.
It’s annoying, makes the article hard to read and is extremely off-putting.
Please take it off.


How do deal with it, as expressed by a person who wants more subscribers

It’s a dilemma.
I don’t like them either. But to be even more honest, I accept them on pages where I find content I am grateful for because I know that maintaining a website is costly. Also, I know that the numbers show the boxes result in more new subscribers than people who are so annoyed that they leave and never return.
(Lest you think that’s a Machiavellian scheme, you should know that if you have a website, you could find out the same information from readily available analytics tools. They are probably already on your site.)
In some cases, those opt-in boxes totally obscure the page and you cannot get past them without giving your email address. In my experience, that kind of box is mainly found on the sites of print newspapers and they want you to pay for their content.
For the most part, the rest of us use boxes that you can close… if you know how to do it.
First look for an “X” in an upper corner. They used to be always on the RIGHT, but lately, I’ve been seeing them on the LEFT, too. Clicking or tapping the “X” will close the box.
No “X”? Click or tap anywhere OUTSIDE the box and it will close.