Allison Rapp

To Get More Clients, Draw On Your Compost Pile

The hotter it gets, the more beneficial it is!

Compost is just like Life Experience — the hotter it gets, the more good it does in the long run!

Your personal compost pile can get pretty hot at times! That’s usually when you want to run away from it. But honestly, that’s one of the times when it’s doing you the most good — and helping you to become more of who you really are!

When you stuff down all the things you think you are not supposed to let anyone see — what you feel to be your lack of experience, or questions you may have about your work, the imperfections that make you human — in fact, the very stuff of WHO YOU ARE — you take energy from yourself, your family, your clients. You can’t give anyone the fullness of your presence because you’re busy hiding the things you think will diminish you.

That’s what this video is about. It’s from Day 62 of the videomarketing challenge, and it speaks directly to the central thesis of all the posts of the 31-day blog challenge: that if you want to get more clients, the one thing you really need to do is be more of who you already are!

I’d love it if you’d come back here after you watch it, and leave a comment about one thing in your personal compost pile that you can convert from an energy-sapper to an energy-increaser by making it relevant to the people you work with!

Your Feldenkrais clients can benefit from your life experience!


“A man tends to regard his self-image as something bestowed upon him by nature, although it is, in fact, a result of his own experience.” — Moshe Feldenkrais, in Awareness Through Movement