Allison Rapp

To Get More Clients, Pull it All Together!

Sometimes, the solution to a problem is sitting right in front of your nose, and you can't see it. This infographic outlines a variety of things you can do to help get the Feldenkrais clients you want.

You are your biggest asset, and your own solution to the problem of getting more Feldenkrais clients

It’s funny — I thought for sure that someone would ask me where all the graphics came from during this last month, but no one did!

Want to know something else that’s funny? I made this infographic about 2 weeks before I found out about the Ultimate Blog Challenge… and I had no idea what to do with it — I just made it because I had an idea and wanted to play with it.¬†Determined not to ‘waste’ it, I decided to just hold onto it for a bit and see what emerged.

The UBC started and I had some wimpy idea for a few blog posts… I started to write the first one and it really sucked. I stopped, took a breath, and it suddenly dawned on me that I had this awesome graphic and that it could form the basis of an entire month of blog posts on one theme!

What’s really funny about the whole thing is that the solution to whatever problem is nagging at us, is often sitting right in front of our noses.

What a job we have, to see the thing we know and recognize it for — not only what it is, but what it could be!


“What sort of learning¬†is important? You find an incredible thing. Once you look at it very closely you find that the learning that enables you to do the thing you know in another way, and one more way, and then three more ways, is the learning that is important. And when you see learning in that light, you find that a whole world of important things is open to us.” — Moshe Feldenkrais, in The Master Moves, p. 19.