Allison Rapp

The Gifts You Bring

What gifts do you bring?
Of all gifts, great and small, the ones that lie inside you are the ones your clients need most!

Year’s End is rapidly approaching, and no matter what you celebrate, you’re probably planning to bring a gift somewhere, sometime in the next few weeks…

Stores have endless ideas. There are big gifts, little gifts, stocking stuffers. We bring “secret angel” presents, flowers for holiday parties, cookies and fruitcake, a bottle of wine. Maybe you even give holiday bonuses! Gifts are everywhere we look.

Gifts are fun to give and get and they remind us that we care and are cared for. The best ones seem to be unexpected and bring a smile to faces long after the event is over.

But… what about your other gifts… the ones no store sells, the ones no one else even has —the ones that are yours alone to share? Your unique gifts fuel your passion and bring you to the place where you can truly make a difference.

All too often, we minimize our gifts, believing that no one values them. Or we imagine that because our gifts come easily to us, everyone can do what we can. And then we go about making our lives difficult, in order to achieve something ‘worthwhile’ — which only means, of course, that we have to struggle to attain it.

Your gifts are your strengths… the world can’t do without them! How you combine them with your unique life story and offer the world something it can’t get from anyone else — this is the basis of your legacy!

What gifts do you bring to your family, your friends, your clients, yourself? What do you make people grateful for, without even realizing you’re doing it?  Take a few minutes and start making a list. As you realize another one, write it down and watch as you grow a list more important than the ones that typically get sent to the North Pole at this time of year!

Photo: “Our Little Friends #2: Red-Breasted Nuthatch”
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License   by  madlyinlovewithlife