Allison Rapp

To Get More Clients, Realize That You Know More Than Enough

It's easy to imagine that we don't know enough to help our Feldenkrais clients, because there's always so much more that we can learn. If you want to help more people, you need t get more clients, which means starting where you are -- right now!
Realize how much you know, to get more clients
With all the Feldenkrais training you’ve had, you certainly know enough to help people right now!

If a baby sucks, breathes and pees on the first day, it’s enough.

If you’ve graduated from a Feldenkrais® training program, you’re enough, too.

You can help people.

You can learn what you need to learn.

You can get a practice that fulfills your dream.

Sure, you need more training over time, but the whole point of your 4-year training was to give you a place to start — and you know enough to do that! After 800 hours (on the floor, stool or table, practicing, watching) and countless hours of study and practice on your own, endless discussions with your training cohorts and whatever else you did during that time — why would it occur to you that you haven’t got enough to start?

True, there’s more to learn. But then, that was true even for Moshe Feldenkrais!

True, you aren’t going to give the lesson your trainers would have given the person sitting in front of you. But that’s not the point — the person sitting in front of you is sitting in front of you — not your trainers — and that person is there because you are who you are!

So be that person without reserve. Do what you know and create your expectations of yourself out that knowledge.

If you focus on attracting the people who are right for you NOW — and that’s easy if you don’t pretend to be someone else — you’ll find that there are always people who need your help. Not someone else’s — yours.

To really help people, you need to ask yourself how you can be the practitioner your clients need. What’s your journey? What’s the next step for you? What fire do you need to walk through in your own life, so that you can stand in the fire with them? Who do you have to be, to have the practice you want?

True — you won’t there by tomorrow. But by tomorrow, you will no longer be who you were today. You will be one step closer to being the Feldenkrais practitioner you want to be. And that is more than enough.


“Every one of us has a large number of possible action patterns that have never been used before and that remain therefore entirely foreign.” — Moshe Feldenkrais, in The Potent Self, p. 86