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To Get More Clients, Deal With Your Money Issues

Unresolved money issues stop us from getting the Feldenkrais clients we need. We may push them away, or not know how to help work through their own money issues to realize they want to and can commit to working with us. However it works out, it means we don’t help the people we could help, if we dealt with money issues ourselves.

To Get More Clients, Grow!

One of the great side-benefits of what we do is that people who arrive trying to get rid of pain, undergo transformation in the process

To Get More Clients, Acknowledge Them

When you want more Feldenkrais clients, you need to look beyond yourself and what you know. What do you see and feel about the person you’re talking with? Letting them hear it helps them to understand why they should commit to working with you.

Day 25…Distraction

You can’t do your “Great Work” when you aren’t focused. Find the things that distract you and you have a choice because when you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want!

Alternative practitioners want to be visible and in their own integrity.

Day 3… Who are you?

Alternative practitioners usually want to be in integrity all the time. Step 1: Know what you stand for and how you want to show up—before you become visible.

Day 2… Compost

Compost makes things grow. Your personal compost can grow your visibility as an alternative practitioner–learn to use it to feel comfortable and in integrity.