Allison Rapp

Day 3… Who are you?

Alternative practitioners usually want to be in integrity all the time. Step 1: Know what you stand for and how you want to show up—before you become visible.

Marketing your Alternative Practice by Increasing Your Visibility: Day 3


We all get to choose who we want to appear to the people we want to find us… the question for today is, who is that for you?

Once you figure that out you can send a clear message and the people who are looking for you will trust it!

That’s true regardless of your modality, so if yours isn’t Feldenkrais, just substitute it for mine any time you hear me say it!

If you prefer reading these marketing tips, here’s the transcript:

Hi, this is Allison and I’m in the car with Michael and we’re going to visit an old friend.  And it’s interesting because last night we were getting directions from him and we were both on the telephone and so we both wrote the directions down.

And what’s funny is that as I’m reading the directions, they’re really written very differently.

And I was thinking about how the Google-map-thing gives you maps and it gives you written directions.  And so you have this way of relating what you’re looking at to your own way of learning.

Clients need more than one way to understand

And our clients are like that when we want to be visible to them.

They have their own way of understanding what we’re talking about.

Marketing your alternative practice means you need to be clear

But before it even gets to the place of having people understand what we’re talking about, we have to know what we want to say.

And so my question to you today is, how do you want to appear to the people that you would like to find you?  Because until you know that, you don’t really know much about what your message is and you can’t deliver it with integrity.

So just think about it and maybe leave me a comment down below.

The reality is that you can be anything you want to be, but it needs to be comfortable to you.

So think about it and let’s talk about it.

Thanks for coming today.  Bye.



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