Allison Rapp

Day 2… Compost

Compost makes things grow. Your personal compost can grow your visibility as an alternative practitioner--learn to use it to feel comfortable and in integrity.

Market your Alternative Practice by Increasing Your Visibility: Day 2

Whether you practice Feldenkrais® or another modality, your personal compost bin has a lot to do with how visible you are to the clients you want to find you.

How can you get a compost bin if you don’t have one? Watch the video for Day 2 to find out!

If you prefer reading these marketing tips, here’s the transcript:

Hi, it’s Allison and it’s day 2 of the video marketing challenge and I’m sitting here – look! Next to my compost bin.  Isn’t this a hoot? I’m out here because there’s a connection between compost and getting clients…making yourself visible in the world.  And I’m going to tell you right now what it is, because compost has stuff in it that’s growing.  It’s got garbage, stuff that you could throw away, actually, and put in the trash so that somebody would come and pick it up and you’d never see it again… or you put it out here and let it become something useful.  And how this is useful to us is an analogy, I’m going to let you see in a little bit of life story from me.

Over my Feldenkrais® career, I lived in four different places

…and each time I moved, I moved to a smaller spot.  And what happened, was that by the time I got here where I really love it — the population is small and about every fourth person is doing something that’s competitive with Feldenkrais, so it was really hard for me to build a practice. And I went through all that kind of angst.  You know, I was a trainer.  I had twenty years of experience at that time and I thought I was no good.  I thought, people don’t refer people to me, so it must be me. It didn’t occur to me at first that I didn’t know how to build a practice.  So I went through real garbage in myself and facing myself, getting to the point of realizing that I needed to learn some skills that I didn’t have.

Once I learned them, my practice took off and I found it was really easy to get and keep new clients.  And I started to think about this experience of getting to that point.  And I thought, ‘Well I could put that in the trash and never look at it again and it would be really comfortable, or, I could put it in the compost bin.’  And what I did was I put it in my own personal compost bin and let it create new life and new personal growth, so that now I have something to offer to practitioners who are having trouble building their practice.

And why I’m telling you this is that… i think you you have the same story — not my story, but your story.

Your story increases your visibility as an alternative practitioner

It’s about how you can look at your own personal garbage that you might throw in the trash bin, but you could put in the compost bin.  And if you did that and understood how to overcome it, you would have a way of being attractive to people and making yourself visible to people who would find out that you’re just the right person for them to work with.

So I want to ask you today…

What’s compostable in your life?  What can you take and turn into an asset that can help you to be visible to people who would love to work with you as just the right practitioner?  Leave me a note down below and let me know what it is.

Thanks for coming today and we’ll see you again tomorrow.


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