To get more clients, let them see whay they need you

To Get More Clients, Let Them See Why They Need You

In Businessby Allison

To get more clients, let them see whay they need you

They have skill. You have trained eyes.

You know what to look for… they don’t.

It’s a match made in heaven!

When you help people see why they need you, it’s easy for them to decide to work with you!

If you’ve ever landed at night in a large airplane, on a foggy runway, you may have wondered what that powerful plane would do under the control of even the most skillful pilots — if they were flying a plane without instruments — with no way of knowing how close the ground was, or where they were on the runway when the wheels finally touched down.

That’s just exactly where we left your client yesterday… ll power, no direction!

Now it’s time for your clients to realize that you have the skill to guide them toward what they want and that without you, it’s not likely to happen. Those wheels won’t find solid ground and if they do, there’s no way of knowing how much braking time is left.

It’s not about creating a false sense of panic in your client. I know that you really get it, deep in your being, that you can help people because you know things they don’t know. You see things they don’t see. If you never communicate that to your first-time clients, how can you expect them to understand why they need you?

If you believe that you have the skill to help a lot of people (if you’ve graduated from a Feldenkrais® practitioner training, I know you do) and you want to help more people than you currently know how to reach, then this is where you need to focus:

  • Work on yourself until it becomes easy for you to show up as the expert you are.
  • Claim your authority in the client/practitioner relationship.
  • Make it clear to your clients that when they couple their power with your ability to see what they’re missing, their dreams are closer than they ever imagined!