Allison Rapp

To Get More Clients, Acknowledge Them

When you want more Feldenkrais clients, you need to look beyond yourself and what you know. What do you see and feel about the person you're talking with? Letting them hear it helps them to understand why they should commit to working with you.
To get more Feldenkrais clients, acknowledge the people you speak with
When your conversation is about what people really want to hear about, acknowledging who THEY are helps them realize who YOU are.

When was the last time you felt as if you’d been seen as who you really are? I mean at the core level –acknowledged as being the person you know you are trying to be, by someone who was able to see past the point where most people stop. Someone who really got YOU.

Just take a moment to remember that time.

Where were you? What were you doing? What did the other person say to you? How did you feel afterward? How do you feel about that person? How did it change your day? How did it change how you felt about yourself?

It doesn’t often happen that we take the time to see another person at this level. It happens even less often that we tell the person. Yet, seeing at this level is not so difficult, and with practice, it becomes easy to let the person know that they’ve been caught in the act of being special

Begin by saying, “I love your earrings,” and you’ll find that after a few weeks of practice, you’ll realize that you’re seeing more! So it might become possible to say “Gosh, I loved watching you deal with that situation with your kids. You were so loving, and still firm with them. Kids really need parents like that.”

With practice, you can begin to acknowledge your clients for what really matters to them — who they are in the midst of their struggles, their aspirations, their dreams. When people feel really seen, they want to be around you more because they feel like more of who they really are!