The world of our unavowed dreams can be well-known or unknown.

To Get More Clients, Recognize Their Struggle

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The world of our unavowed dreams can be well-known or unknown.

When you help your Feldenkrais clients tap into the world of their unavowed dreams, you help them move beyond what stops them from living life to its fullest. Where do you find the strength in yourself to go to that place with them?

In our last two posts, we’ve said that prospective clients want to hear about how you can help them solve their problems, and that the first thing they tell you is probably not what’s going to help them commit to doing what it takes to get what they want.

In fact, what gets people motivated is usually related to what Moshe Feldenkrais referred to as their “unavowed dream.”

When you elicit the dreams your clients don’t usually admit to dreaming, what you can know almost certainly is they have probably never been really seen in the light of those dreams.

What are you able to see in someone who stands in that light? What does it mean to be the trusted audience at the moment when another person contacts that deep place inside where it’s usually too terrifying to look?  Make no mistake — it can be as terrifying to face a dream one feels no hope of attaining, as it can be to face a nightmare one feels no hope of escaping.

When you stand in that space together, what do you see in the person who is openly acknowledging an unavowed dream? What qualities allowed brought them here to this moment? What have they overcome, to arrive at today? Who did they have to be, to knock on your door, asking for help?

Become a mirror for your clients. Tell them who they are to you. Let them know they are seen in the fullness of their humanity. Acknowledgement is a profound gift, and when it opens toward another person, it also opens toward your own heart, allowing the other person to see who you are.

What part of yourself do you have to give acknowledge, in order to be a person who can hold that sacred space for another human being, and then speak the truth about the person you see there?


“Definite, recognizable tensions motivate all our actions.” –Moshe Feldenkrais, in The Potent Self

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