Allison Rapp

To Get More Clients, Become More of YOU!

Moshe Feldenkrais
or The Potent Self, Awareness Through Movement, Body and Mature Behavior — it’s a constant theme: Be More of Who You ARE!

One of the most enduring memories from my training with Moshe Feldenkrais was his telling  us that the point of the work we were learning was to “become more of who we already are, without the difficulty.”

Moshe said interesting things all the time, and it might have been easy to miss this, especially given the other momentous things that must have happened in class that day. Abstractions became concrete every day in Moshe’s San Francisco training, and remembering everything was not on my list of skills.

But one thing I know for sure no matter who  organized your training or who led it, each of us attended our own individual training, and every single one of us took from it exactly what we needed at the time. In my case, this message clearly was one that spoke deeply to me in the moment — and for the last 35 years!

What’s so interesting to me about it today is that  who you are is the biggest asset you have in  attracting more clients to your Feldenkrais® practice. By extension, becoming more of that is a very good thing, and by further extension — getting rid of the difficulty around it can only sweeten the pot!

The current wisdom in business training is that nobody cares about your credentials, what method you learned or what you teach. Believe me, I know this is a crushing blow to anyone who’s spent years lying on the floor absorbing the essentials of the Feldenkrais Method, and countless hours formulating an explanation of what exactly it is.

On the other hand — if you’ve ever been frustrated in your attempts to explain what our work is about, or gotten the glazed-over look that tells you your audience has just departed, it may actually be a relief to know that there’s something people would rather hear about. And as luck would have it, what they want to know is a lot easier to talk about than what the Feldenkrais Method is!

And what exactly to do they want to know? They want to know how YOU can help them solve their problem.

The best way you do can that is intimately related to what Moshe embedded in all of his teaching: become more of who you already are, without the difficulty.