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Think Before You Act. Learn Before You Think.

We are living in a time of incredible challenges and change and those are inextricably linked to our roles as transformational leaders. To be credible, you have to keep learning and evolving… get started here.

7 Ways to Spend Time Without Wasting It

When you have “extra” time on your hands, do you spend it with or without intention? Here are 7 ways to use time you didn’t expect t have without watching part of your life simply disappear without value.

Feel Like Crying? Me, Too.

There’s no point in hiding your feelings about the pandemic. But if you’re here for something bigger — like transformational work — you need to make sure that you don’t get stuck there. Here are some ideas for coping with those times.

Keeping Your Practice Afloat in Crisis

In the middle of a pandemic, you can’t do business as usual. To keep your transformational holistic practice afloat, you have to become the transformational leader your clients need. Here’s the door to my free course, Teaching Online!

GOT Purpose?

If you know you are here to do transformational work, your own hero’s journey is not “something else,” not some part of your life that can be segmented out, or a costume you put on when you have a client and take off when your session is over. It’s intimately connected to what your clients need from you. 

Your Life PhD Makes You Unique

Focusing on what sets you apart from every other practitioner makes it easy for people to recognize that you can help them. It makes it possible for you to maximize the time, money and energy you spend on advertising. And it increases the likelihood that you’ll find yourself on the path to getting 80% of your first-time clients to say YES to long-term work with you.

Do You Really Need An Ideal Client?

You and I both know you aren’t an internet marketer. But they seem to be the ones telling everybody what they need to do online to attract clients. As a hands-on practitioner, you CAN do it your own way–you just need to get past the hype and the idea that demographics are the be-all-end-all of client attraction–and understand what you need to do instead.

How To Get What You Want Without New Year’s Resolutions

When you transform your client, they see you as a model, so it’s important to embrace what you want. You can get what you want at any time of the year by asking yourself 4 essential questions. When you’ve clearly got every part of yourself on board with what you want, you have unparalleled inner support!

To Get More Clients, Check Your Compost Pile!

Your personal experience underlies everything you do with your Feldenkrais clients! Choosing the part of your life story that attracts the clients you want is important to getting a practice filled with ideal clients.