Stage 3: Transform Programs

You’ve been out there for a while. You’ve got clients. You know what you do and what problems you solve.

Allison Rapp

Unfortunately, now what’s happening is that people respond more to the problem than the idea that they are in control of their own lives… and that really bothers you because you know your work is about so much more than most people ever see.

You know you’re ready to take a significant step forward on your Practitioner Journey when you’re tired of fixing people and ready to change what you’re doing so that you can help people transform instead.

This third stage of the journey is about the transformation you know you can bring.

But it’s also about your own transformation.

Why? Because most of the time, when practitioners complain to me about all the clients they see who want to be fixed, the problem is that the practitioner persists in fixing clients.

The thing is that as long as you continue to fix your clients, they will continue to think that’s what you do. If you want them to think you do something else, you have to begin by DOING SOMETHING ELSE!

The reality is that in order for you to get the practice you want, you have to become the practitioner who is capable of having that practice.

Sound like a koan? To a certain degree, it is one.

Think about it… you have attracted every single client on your calendar into your practice. You probably did it without thinking too much who that is. You already are attracting clients to the practice you are capable of having right now.

If you can see the logic and the truth of that, then it’s clear that if you want different clients, something about you needs to change.

Sometimes that’s about marketing, and much as practitioners in general dislike it, that’s the easy place to focus.

The more difficult place to focus, and the more fruitful one by far, is on who you are and the unique purpose you’re here to fulfill.

And that’s what this stage of the journey focuses on:
the inner work that’s required to make the change in yourself that allows you to show up at the practitioner who can help other people transform.
Articles that relate to this stage of our journey are focused on changes you make in yourself to bring your practice into alignment with your life purpose. Here you’ll find posts on becoming the practitioner who has the practice you want, evolving your inner voices, deeper levels of connection and visibility and becoming the transformational leader you were born to be.

The way I look at it, the real question is:

What are the business “things” you really need to take care of, and which ones can you ignore without much consequence?

That’s why I’ve put these articles in this section—they are related to basic business themes and what you need to pay attention to as you get your business off the ground, so that you can focus on what you really need to do: GET CLIENTS who will help you build your confidence, increase your experience, and help you discover how you want to shape your practice.

You’ll find posts on money, gremlins, schedule, systems that help your business, procrastination and many more business-oriented topics.

Allison Rapp

There’s a huge gap between what’s being taught about how to get clients, and the people who need it most — like hands-on holistic practitioners.
My expertise is in bridging that gap for you, so you can understand what to do, and how to do it in a way that feels easy and natural.

Transform Program

  • This is private work with me and it’s by invitation only.  I offer it to people who have been working with me and to select new people combined with Heart to Heart.
  • There ARE blog posts that relate to this level of work.

Feel Like Crying? Me, Too.

There’s no point in hiding your feelings about the pandemic. But if you’re here for something bigger — like transformational work — you need to make sure that you don’t get stuck there. Here are some ideas for coping with those times.

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Other Stages I Can Guide You Through

Many practitioners begin dreaming about their practices while they are still in their training program. Were you already champing at the bit when you graduated, or did you wonder if you were ready?

You’re just starting, and what you need—right now—is clients. You’re unclear about how to get them, overwhelmed by what you think you need to do… and you have very little idea how to do it.

You know what you’re doing, and it’s not enough to get what you want: people want to be fixed… you want them to grow through your work. You long to align your life purpose and your practice.


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