Allison Rapp

Today I Got Disappointing News

... and I wondered... How do YOU show up when you're being dragged into disappointment?


In fact, it was less than an hour ago.

What it was about doesn’t make any difference — but I found myself in a very rapid descent into a downward spiral. My mood instantly deflated and my eyes started leaking. I was knocked waaay off course, so I went off to find a place where I could be pathetic all by myself.

Five minutes and several tissues later, I emerged from my hole, sat down at my desk and wrote an email to get it all off my chest. I read it over 3 or 4 times, made changes in word choice and phrasing, spell-checked the whole thing, then hit the delete button.

Because hitting the other button didn’t serve a purpose that’s in alignment with who I am consciously trying be… a person living in her highest self more often than not.

I can’t stop disappointment from happening. But I can choose how I deal with it.

For me, it’s a process… if I try to stop any part of it, it just feeds on itself. So I let myself cry — even encourage it. I let myself vent. And then I ask myself “How is who you are being right now furthering your intention? And what could you do instead that would be more to the point?”

And that’s how I ended up writing this post… because my intention is to consciously pursue what matters most. And sometimes, to do that I just have to go cry—then wipe my nose, put on my Big-Kid Panties and show up better than I thought I could.


What’s the question you ask yourself, to decide whether or not you’re on track?
And what difference does your response to that question make?


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