Allison Rapp

Today I Read that Charles Darwin…

... didn't trust himself to remember everything he came across that seemed to contravene the theory of evolution... so he did what you or I would do...


…always wrote down any fact he discovered that seemed to contravene his theory of Evolution.


Because he didn’t trust himself to remember it.

Not because he had a bad memory… but because he understood that attachment to our beliefs breeds an unwillingness to recognize the possible truth of anything that flies in face of what we hold dear.

So when we encounter evidence contrary to what we “know” is true, it often doesn’t get a chance to stick around in our brains long enough for us to examine it.

That keeps us safe from discovering that we might have made an error but it doesn’t leave much room for living a conscious life.

Living consciously implies knowing who you really are — including the warts and the ability to make — and correct — mistakes without feeling like a complete and utter failure.

What it comes down to, really, is whether we’re more interested in the truth, or in being right.


What’s the one thing you believe that could stop you from becoming who you want to be, because you never allow contradictory evidence into your mind?


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