Allison Rapp

Use What You Know From Your Feldenkrais® Practice to Fulfill Your Dream

didnt-knowI grew up working in our family restaurant, and it never occurred to me that there was anything unusual about not having a “real” job, so I’ve been self-employed for almost all of my life.

At the same time, I know that many, many colleagues “used to have a job” and self-employment wasn’t on their radar when they began their training! From talking with a lot of you, I think that many people would have stayed in their J-O-B if only they’d know what they were in for!

But we all know there are great benefits to being self-employed, and you aren’t alone in figuring our how to get there for yourself. I’ve learned that when you aren’t used to working for yourself, the Feldenkrais® Method comes in pretty handy as a starting place for fulfilling your dream!

Use the skills you’ve already developed with these questions to begin assessing your own situation, and we’ll talk more, later!

1. Use your awareness …
What’s working well? What doesn’t work as well as it could? What feedback are you getting from your clients?

2. Explore the situation…
Where will you need help to be successfully self employed? What are you doing on your own that doesn’t need tinkering with? What’s the next step?

3. Become curious…
What are other self-employed people (some of whom may be Feldenkrais Practitioners, and some not) doing that seems to work well for them? What ideas can you take from them that would work well for you? What changes are you afraid to make?

4. Figure out if you need to use a roller…
What can you do for yourself, and when do you need help? Find the support that will make it easier to take the next step.

5. Change a habit…
Make it okay to do it you own way! And know what your way is! Do you have to reinvent every wheel, or can you take some help from someone who’s done it successfully?

One of the keys is to realize that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Finding the right business mentors changed my practice and my life… More about that next time!