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Your Brain on Accidental Self-Employment

For practitioners, a good deal of stress has to do with wanting to do the work you love with people who need it, and ending up accidentally self-employed. This video explores the effect on your brain and how intentional action helps.

It’s Your Job to Help Clients Commit

It’s easy to focus on the wrong things when you try to help clients commit to working with you. There are 3 essentials things that sit in the background and control everything in the foreground… master them and you’ll find yourself getting more clients more easily.

Today I Got an Email

—from a woman with 17 letters after her name. What impression does that make? When you’ve got more letters than clients what should your next step be?

When Will You Have Time to Build a Practice?

Figuring out how to organize your life so that you have time to build a practice is one of the major obstacles self-employed holistic practitioners have. You have to choose to spend time you think you don’t have, in order to get the practice you want!

To Get More Clients, Embrace Independence Day

When I signed up for self-employment, I was dazzled by the idea of being in charge of my own time, oblivious to the reality that I was responsible for bringing every client through the door on my own steam. What a relief to discover that being myself is my greatest asset in being found by the people I’m looking for!