Allison Rapp

When Will You Have Time to Build a Practice?

Figuring out how to organize your life so that you have time to build a practice is one of the major obstacles self-employed holistic practitioners have. You have to choose to spend time you think you don't have, in order to get the practice you want!
When you want a Feldenkrais practice, you need to act as if you already have one -- otherwise, it's nearly impossible to give it the time it needs.
Imagining that you will work on building your practice “when you have time” is a sure way not to get the practice you want!

When my kids were little, I was busy all the time — and tired too, because my internal clock doesn’t run on school time!  I taught them how to cook at an early age, just so I could get some time to myself! I was sure that as they got older, I would have more time.

And then one day, just as it seemed like that was starting to happen, I woke up and realized that — without any warning —my parents were suddenly a lot older than they used to be! Before I knew it, my dad had died and my mother was living with us. Someone needed to be with her almost all the time, and most of the time, it was me. I am eternally grateful for the time I had with her, because I got to give her something she couldn’t get anywhere else on the planet.

And when she died, I thought I would have more time.

The girls were still in school, though, and I was on the long-term plan for school involvement, so it didn’t happen quite as I imagined it would. Nevertheless, I remember waking up on the morning Samantha — my younger daughter –graduated from high school and saying to myself, “I will never, ever get up at 7 AM again, unless I want to!” That was the day I thought I was going to start having more time.

I could go on, but I am sure that your own story is as compelling to you as mine is to me… and that’s why I hear from so many practitioners…

“I’m waiting to build my practice until I have more time.”

Every time I hear this, I think to myself, “No, wait — that’s not how it works. There will never be enough time. The 24 hours we get every day are never enough.”

There will never be enough time.

Not only that–there’s never a good time.

So we have to be very intentional about the choices we make.

If you want a practice, you have to be intentional about it. You may have to do — or choose — something different — do the work of building your practice over doing other things, teach your kids to cook as soon as they can reach the stove safely, change your idea of what “the holidays” mean, stop waiting until things are perfect, realize that you can change direction without losing sight of your goal, learn which strengths you need to develop and then use them consistently.

Obviously without talking to you, I don’t know exactly what you need to do, but I do know that if you think you’ll work on your practice “when you have time,” you’re not likely to find that you ever have “enough time” to get whatever it is you imagine you want.

Begin by paying attention

We spend a lot of time teaching our clients to work in their imagination, with good results. Even so, your imagination is not a good location for your practice! To bring it into reality, you have to make the choices that will make it real.

Begin by taking stock of what a typical week looks like… when you look at your calendar, where you see your work hours, and what are you doing during that time?

If you’re not sure what you should be doing during that time, have a look at the Hands-on Business Kickstart. It’s designed to help you get confidence in your business foundation in less than 5 hours!
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