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Wanting It Isn’t Enough: 6 Factors Essential to Getting the Practice You Want

There are 6 internal and environmental factors necessary to building a great holistic practice. Trying to do it when any one of them is absent makes your work much harder than it needs to be.

One of my clients recently posted a really exciting celebration in our Facebook group. I’m sharing it today because it made me realize that there’s a lot more involved in building a great practice than working with clients!

When you want the success Jeannette is having, you need to be willing to do the work she's doing.

Jeannette was like many practitioners when we started working together — she knew she wasn’t serving as many people as she could help.

She’d done everything she could think of to get clients, didn’t know what to do next and joined my Heart-to-Heart program because she knew she needed help. As you can see — last year, she tripled her income… and she’s set to double that this year!

That doesn’t happen just by wanting it. It takes a combination of internal and environmental factors. 

Jeannette has them all.

Do you?

It takes work.

Some people think you’ll get clients if you just want them badly enough — or embody ‘the work’ enough — or if you really get ‘it.’  

Not me.

Let’s face it — we ALL love doing our work for ourselves and working with clients more than getting clients — more than any other part of our jobs!

But if it hasn’t gotten you enough clients by now, how is holding onto that idea going to change things tomorrow?

Here’s a reality check: most successful self-employed people I know spend at least one hour on ‘the unexciting bits’ of their business for every hour they spend directly with their clients.

In the beginning, for many, the ratio is often much higher.

So if your dream is to work 20 hours a week with clients — and have 148 hours to yourself — you could be sorely disappointed!

And another thing — random work is not the answer, either — to get clients, you have to focus on what works!

It takes intention.

We know from working with our clients that people with a high level of intention get more from working with us… and from everything they do!

Building your business is just the same. Your intention gets you on the path and keeps you there when things get difficult. It helps you put your practice ahead of other things you want.

If you don’t want to do that, it’s okay — but choose with awareness, because it will lessen your disappointment at having fewer clients than you want.

It takes commitment that’s bigger than your circumstances.

Most people — probably including many prospective clients you’ve spoken with — let their circumstances hijack their dreams.

They tell themselves stories —

  • I don’t have time for my dreams.
  • I don’t have the money to get the help I need.
  • I’ve already tried everything and nothing works.
  • If I need help, I don’t deserve what I want.
  • Maybe it works for other people, but it won’t work for me.

If you tell yourself any of these stories about getting clients, you’re making your circumstances bigger than your commitment. You’re not working toward your own dreams, and unfortunately — you’re probably attracting people who do the same thing.

When your commitment to serving more people is bigger than the stories you tell yourself about your circumstances, everything changes.

It takes community.

The rippling effect of community helps everyone in it.  

You’re connected with colleagues who are learning the same skills you are learning. You know other people care, want you to succeed and are there when you need a helping hand or a soft shoulder.

Community makes the kind of difference that makes a difference.

It takes collaboration.

When you have a big dream, you need support from people who believe in you and want to help you make your dream real.

When you collaborate, you’re surrounded by colleagues who are dealing with similar issues. They’re willing to help you think through your challenges and give you meaningful feedback. Being connected with people who share their thinking… their process… the very words they used to fill their workshops or inspire their clients…  is priceless.

Collaboration changes how you see the world, your clients, yourself!

It takes celebration.

When you’re focused on making the impossible possible, you need to recognize your successes. Give yourself credit for every step you take toward getting the practice you want. Make regular time to celebrate — for yourself and with the people who support you. It simultaneously magnifies the effect in your life, and inspires them!

This takes practice — it’s often easier to regret mistakes than to appreciate what worked.

Celebrating your successes tells your brain what you want more of!

Bring the first 3, get the last 3 here!

Here’s one way community, collaboration and celebration come together: these are just some of the responses Jeannette’s comment received. This happens all the time in our community!

Jeannette FB comments

When you join one of my programs, you’ll learn what works to get the practice you want, and you’ll have the conditions that are the most effective for success.

If you have the willingness to do what it takes, the intention and the commitment to get the practice you want, the Heart-to-Heart program can help you get the skills you need to have the kind of success hundreds of colleagues have experienced.


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