Allison Rapp

How To Use Nature To Make Networking Easier

Networking can be less painful for hands-on practitioners when you turn your nametag to your advantage and use what the human body does without thinking.

nametagNetworking can be an effective way to build interest in your practice if you know how to use it to your advantage. Obviously, you can network “networking events,” but you can also network at church, at PTA meetings, your Garden or Book Club or the County Fair.

As we’ve talked about many times before, lots of us have trouble starting a conversation, especially about our own work. Why not let your nametag open the door, so you can sit back and enjoy the conversation?

First of all, if the nametag is a plastic holder, resist the temptation to insert your business card instead of writing on the card! The type on your card is too small, there’s extraneous information, and you don’t want the people you meet to focus on THAT instead of finding out you’re warm, friendly, funny and a person they want to know!

If you think — or know — your writing is illegible, find someone with a great-looking tag and ask them to write yours for you! You can say how great their handwriting is — people love to hear that! AND –You make your first acquaintance with no problem!

People often shake hands when they first meet, and that turns the body and the head slightly toward the other person’s right shoulder. (PS — all you have to do to ensure that this will happen is — extend your own hand!)

You can turn that small shift in your new acquaintance’s posture to good advantage.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Put your nametag high up near your right shoulder, where the person you’re just meeting is going to see it easily because he’s already turned toward it.
  2. Write only your FIRST name in BIG LETTERS — if there’s more to talk about later, you can share your last name then.
  3. Write something short about WHAT you do… NOT your tagline or the name of your practice. Trust me on this… No matter how clever the name of your business is, almost no one is going to understand what’s in it for them by seeing it.

Some options for hands-on practitioners could be:

  • More weeding, less pain
  • Comfort at the Computer
  • Balance Without Exercise
  • No more sciatica… back pain… sore feet… neck pain… headaches… (choose ONLY ONE!!)
  • Making seniors safe behind the wheel

Try it the next time you’re handed a nametag and a Sharpie, and see how many conversations you can start before you even say “Hello!”!!

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