Whatever is stopping you now from having the practice you want, I’m glad you’re here because I want your clients to find YOU!

My unique programs were developed specifically to help you get the practice you want when you work in person with your clients—and need to find them locally. 

Every practitioner is on a journey… and the help I can give you depends of which stage of that journey you’re in right now. Your first step is to decide where you’re starting from …

If you’re clear about which stage of the practitioner journey you’re in right now, click that link below. If you don’t know yet, the video below will help you decide.


You’re just starting, and what you need—right now—is clients. You’re unclear about how to get them, overwhelmed by what you think you need to do… and you have very little idea how to do it.



You’ve been at this for a while and you’ve got clients. But you’re tired, or poor—or both—and maybe you think about quitting. Any way you look at it, you can see nothing will change unless you do.



You know what you’re doing, and it’s not enough to get what you want: people want to be fixed… you want them to grow through your work. You long to align your life purpose and your practice.


What’s unique about me, that makes me able to help you?

I’ve been a hands-on practitioner for 45 years… I speak your language and I know the territory your journey is winding through better than any other coach on the planet. I have a proven track record in helping practitioners like you grow a sustainable and satisfying business no matter what stage you’re in right now.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions…

  • How can I get more clients without feeling icky or manipulative?
  • Why do people want to hear about that won’t make them glaze over?
  • How can I get paid enough to feel good about my work?
  • Why don’t people want the transformation I offer?
  • How can I “sell” my services when I hate selling?
  • Why do I attract people who drain my energy?
  • How can make a living from what I am uniquely able to do?

… or if you feel unseen, misunderstood, undervalued and incapable of getting past the overwhelm and confusion of building your practice… you’re in the right place!

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