Allison Rapp

When Will You Have Enough Knowledge to Build Your Practice?

Everyone can help people when they graduate from their practitioner training. The real question is -- will you let yourself do that with what you know, or stop yourself because it isn't enough?
What work do you have to do on yourself, to make it acceptable to help people with your current level of knowledge?
How much knowledge do you need, in order to allow yourself to help the people who need you now?

I had lunch today with a practitioner who told me she had taken two practitioner training programs in her modality. One of the things she learned from the second training was how much she had learned in the first one!

Practitioners often take the training again if they think they shouldn’t focus on building their practice until they get more knowledge under their belts…or they may take one or more advanced trainings, enroll in a certification course for another modality, or take a program that gives them a license.

You will never hear me say that advanced training isn’t valuable. We all need it and we all can learn more at any time in our lives or careers. At the same time, no matter how “new” you are as a practitioner, whatever certification you have now is enough to help people. Don’t let the fact that you don’t know everything right this minute stop you from sharing what you do know with people who need it.

You can begin to help people right now — without another “degree” or set of letters behind your name… without “permission” from another teacher… without another servicemark… without another “thing you do” that you can’t explain.

What do you need to begin helping people?

It’s simple… to begin helping people, you need to begin helping people!

And if you don’t have clients, that might mean you need to learn how to attract them.

Putting that off until you have more knowledge doesn’t help anyone. Learning to attract clients helps both you and your clients.

  • You’ll have more confidence if you know you’re helping people.
  • You’ll have more direction in choosing advanced training when you know what you need to learn — and that comes from seeing where your gaps are when you work with your clients.
  • You’ll learn more from every advanced training you take, if you have more clients to practice it on.

Attracting clients requires different skills than working with clients.

Both can be learned, both are necessary — and getting more of one is not a substitute for not having the other!

Everyone has innate and incipient skills that have to do with getting new clients and keeping the ones you have. The whole process feels completely natural when you learn to rely on those strengths, but the problem is that a lot of practitioners don’t develop those strengths into assets that help them build a business.

When you choose to discover and nurture those assets, it’s not only a win for you personally. It’s a win for your potential clients and for the entire community. The more people each of us reaches, the more our work will be known and the greater will be its impact around the world.
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