Allison Rapp

Today I Told a Practitioner Not To Work With Me

—it just wasn't a fit for him. When you think you're SUPPOSED to want something other than what you DO want, life can get really messed up, really fast.

todayWe were having a free Clarity Call, and what was really clear pretty quickly was that although he has just one class a week with a handful of students coming regularly, he doesn’t want much more than that right now—4 more people in his class would make him feel great.

Right now, what he wants is to be a great dad to his little daughter.

Listening to him talk about being with her, I was transported back to the time when my own girls were tiny—you had to pry me away from being with them. I wasn’t really interested in doing anything other than being their mom.

I don’t regret for one minute the time I took off, or all the things I didn’t do to build my practice during those years.

So I pointed him toward some blog posts I’d written that I think will help him — and told him to enjoy his little girl.

He thanked me for helping him let go of feeling like he was supposed to do more than he really wants to.

I ended the call wondering how many other practitioners feel pressed to do something they don’t want to, or be someone they aren’t… because somehow they got the idea that what they want isn’t enough. That they aren’t enough.

Moral of the story…

When Life is great just as it is, don’t beat yourself up over what you aren’t doing.

Getting the practice you want doesn’t have to be painful or make you feel like someone else! 
Click here to talk with me (free) about how to do it and feel exactly like YOU!

What you get clear about might surprise the heck out of you!
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