Allison Rapp

Today I Got an Invitation To An Event Offering An Impossible Promise

Hype turns off hands-on practitioners, with big numbers, short times, spectacular results... Does that mean you can't get a practice you'll love?

todayIt arrived on orange card stock, promising a solution to client attraction in just 4 hours.

This is the kind of advertising that makes holistic practitioners — in particular, practitioners who touch their clients — cringe.

And rightly so, because — honestly? — there isn’t going to be a solution in 4 hours. What there will be is an opening, a glimpse of a new path, and the possibility of.change if you decide you want more.

But much as you’d like to believe it can happen in 4 hours, I’m willing to bet that in your heart of hearts, you know it takes more time, more commitment, more work and more change than you can get in 240 minutes.

If you could get it in 4 hours, you’d have what you need by now, because it would have been given to you in your training program. And it would be so easy that anybody could make it work right after graduation — even the people who weren’t paying much attention at the time.

The fact that it’s not that easy doesn’t mean it’s not important. But it does mean that if you want to change what’s happening in your practice, you have to be committed… because frankly, it does take work, and it does take time.

But then… so did your training… right?


Given what you have to offer, and what you hope to earn over your lifetime, what’s a reasonable amount of time — and money — to spend, learning to make a living from the skills you have?

Getting the practice you want doesn’t have to be painful or make you feel like someone else! 
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