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How To Stop Math From Devastating Your Practice

I’ve done the math six ways to Sunday and the answer is always the same: chances are high that you’re never going to have a satisfying practice— unless you develop the skill that changes the equation. This tutorial explains why and how to predict your future—and how to get the results you want.

Where Do You Look When You Need to Get Clients?

To get clients in your hands-on practice, think about what you’re not looking at. It’s easy to focus on the wrong things by staying in the comfortable circle of what you know, but in fact, what you need to learn most likely lies somewhere outside that circle. If it didn’t, you’d already have mastered it. ☺

How Hope Can Destroy Your Practice

Hope is not a business plan. To get clients, you must communicate your value and develop skills that are more substantive than hope–and backed by action!

How Clients Turbo-Charge Your Advanced Training

Developing your skill takes more than attending advanced trainings. After you come home, you need to work with enough clients to embed your skills. That’s why learning to GET clients is so important.

A Full Practice, Without Obstacles?

  You’ve taken a training —Feldenkrais® or otherwise — and you’re ready to begin working with ‘your clients.’ Then you realize — you don’t know

Can You Predict Success?

Did you have the Magic 8 ball when you were a kid? You asked a question and it would give you yes-no-maybe-try again answer. Out

Unhappy or Uncertain?

Which would you pick? Have you ever had a chat with yourself about staying in a situation that makes you unhappy, or leaving it so