Allison Rapp

How To Help Your Website By Being A Good Neighbor

Comments are valuable assets on your website. If you're reluctant to leave them on other sites, you're losing on value to your own site.

blog_conceptLet’s face it… the internet is only becoming more important to our business. Anyone who expects a practice to grow without at least having an email address (YES — I know they’re out there, but they aren’t getting practice-building help from me!) would do as well to bank on the return of the dial-phone. It’s just not going to happen.

When you want to become more visible on the internet, you have to be out there doing things to get noticed.

One way to do that is to make a useful comment on someone else’s blog. When you leave a comment, you have an opportunity to leave the url for your own website there. You should always do that, because it boosts your own rankings in the Search Engines! Google loves blogs, and trolls constantly for new activity. When it finds your url it immediately pushes you higher and makes you more visible.

You can get started right now — leave a comment on this article, or on one of the videos after you’ve watched it. Make sure you leave your comment on the BLOG, because Google doesn’t look at YouTube comments in the same way that it considers Blog comments. And don’t forget to leave the address of your own website!

It’s so easy to help yourself by cooperating with other hands-on practitioners… we can do a lot to make us all more visible!

Start right now — click “comment” and leave one below!


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