Allison Rapp

Holistic Practitioners – Heart-Based Marketing Helps You Build Your Practice and Remain Authentic in Your Marketing

Authentic marketing is a natural for Holistic practitioners who want to build their practice. Heart-based marketing skills are a perfect addition to any holistic training.

Raise your hand, if you know you can help a lot more people than you currently have in your practice… The problem is that people need to know you’re there for them. Bringing yourself to their attention with authentic marketing is your job… because most people need 5-7 times of seeing or hearing your name just to know that you exist — and if it’s not authentic marketing — if it doesn’t feel like you — you won’t do it! They need more times of encountering you — through your newsletter, hearing you speak, reading an article you wrote for the local paper, getting your name as a referral — to take you seriously as someone who could possibly help them.

And that lead us to…

Dammit Jim! I’m a Heart-Based Holistic Practitioner – not a Used-Car Salesman!

Dammit Jim -- I'm Holisitic Practitioner, not a Marketing Expert
Dammit Jim — I’m Holisitic Practitioner, not a Marketing Expert

Do you resonate with Bones McCoy — who often felt called upon to do something that seemed outside the scope of his practice? Is that how marketing your practice feels?

Even if you never watched Star Trek, if you’re a holistic practitioner who wants to build a heart-based practice, you can probably relate to wanting to learn how to market authentically, because when you do, you don’t need a shower to wash off the slime.

No matter what their modality, holistic practitioners spend most of the time in their trainings learning how to be great at what they do. Because you get so good at connecting in a heart-based way with your clients in your sessions, it may never occur to you that to get clients into your practice, you have to learn how to market your services. If you know how to do this also in a heart-based way, it feels authentic — it’s you, at your best in and out of your sessions.

The problem is that selling has loads of negative connotations, and if you’re in a heart-based holistic practice, you may well want to avoid it all together. But if you avoid marketing, you set yourself up for a downward spiral that too often leads to struggling to survive or getting a J-O-B that leaves you little time for the practice that draws your heart and soul.

Maybe the biggest problem of all is that the people you can serve don’t get the help they need, because you don’t know how to help them find you. Authentic marketing is really the only viable choice for holistic practitioners.

Heart-based marketing is the works for holistic practitioners because at its core is the connection that’s so important with your clients. It’s authentic marketing because when you do it, you feel like yourself, without pretense, without sleaze or manipulation. Authentic marketing allows you to ask the heart-based questions that make a difference, your potential clients begin to see how you can help them, and they are much more likely to want to know more by coming for a consultation. This is very different from getting mired in the details of “the work you do” and it’s far more effective in getting people into your holistic practice because people know who you are right from the start.

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