Allison Rapp

Graduate with Confidence

When you're planning on turning your hands-on training into a sustainable practice after graduation, you need to develop confidence. You can begin doing that during your training with this simple secret!

Are you a student in a holistic training program?


Practice creates confidence
If you want a sustainable practice AFTER graduation, you have to practice as much as possible BEFORE graduation!

Let’s say you already know that after graduation, you want a successful practice that will provide you with a decent living.

Lots of people want that kind of practice, but not everyone does what’s necessary to get it. Too many practitioners wait until their enthusiasm is waning, and at that point, it’s significantly more difficult to shift course.

So, if you’re still in your training, the most question you should be asking yourself is…

“What can I do now to ensure that I have a practice after I graduate?”

From years of working with practitioners who struggled after graduation, I know that one of the most important things you’re going to need is the confidence that you have something real and valuable to offer your clients. While it may seem that it’s easier for me to say that than it is for you to do develop that, there’s one secret that will make a huge difference to you.

This secret is what sets the tone for everything that comes after. Your trainers will tell you this secret and encourage — maybe even require — you to do it because they know it will help you become a competent practitioner more quickly and more effectively more than anything else you can do.

And despite all that, we know it’s the one thing most students just don’t do enough of…


Practice Is is so important because it puts you into an upward spiral that leads to confidence!

The more you practice

  • the more you embed what you learn.
  • the better your questions become.
  • the more possibilities emerge in your thinking.
  • the easier it is to know where to start and how to see options for continuing.
  • the faster you find out who you can help the most, and what sort of client gives you energy.
  • the greater your sense of value to the people you touch.
  • the more natural everything will feel to you.
  • the less hesitant you will be about putting yourself out as a person who can help others.

Confidence isn’t the only benefit…

When it’s time to transition from student to new graduate, you’ll find that you have a number of benefits as a result of practicing more.

  • You’ll have a much clearer sense of what you offer to people, so it’s easier to talk to them about why they should work with you.
  • You’ll have given yourself the opportunity to develop an idea of how quickly things happen when you work with someone, so it will feel more comfortable to make a recommendation — and that’s what most clients appreciate when they see you the first time.
  • You’ll know that you can attract people who want to work with you, and that means that your self-esteem is going to be in a healthy range… which makes you even more attractive to potential clients.
  • You’ll already have people who love what you did with them and who are willing to give you testimonials that will be helpful in attracting paying clients.
  • You’ll have a better idea of your own skills — where you’re strong and where you need to focus more attention. That means that you can choose advanced work that helps you in specific ways, so what you add to your knowledge base has targeted value for you and a clear path to increasing your confidence even more.

Put yourself in the upward spiral

My years of teaching in training programs around the world have shown me that graduating with the confidence you need to pursue a career as a practitioner is in your own hands. When you get the practice you need during your training, you create momentum, spur your growth and land yourself firmly in the upward spiral toward becoming the practitioner you know you can be!

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