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To Get More Clients, Use Social Media

To get more Feldenkrais clients, you need to understand how to use social media effectively. Social media can help you to become known for your expertise, and you can reach many more people than you could talk to in person! Learning how to use social media effectively can give your Feldenkrais practice a lot of exposure. Be sure to be consistent.
To get more client, learn to use social media effectively

Learning how to use social media effectively can give your Feldenkrais practice a lot of exposure.

Be sure to be consistent.

If I were to ask you what you think of Social Media — as a way to build your Feldenkrais® Practice, what’s the first thing that crosses your mind?

Frankly, I think an awful  lot of Feldenkrais® Practitioners don’t think much about it at all.

When they do, these are some of the common reactions about the most well-known of the social media sites and strategies:  

Blogging: ‘Mmm… I don’t know… can’t really think of what I would write about.’
Facebook: ‘It’s creepy.It feels like everybody can see everything about me. And it’s a total time-suck!’
Twitter: ‘I don’t get it. What’s with all the pound signs and weird abbreviations? And who can say anything in 140 characters?’
Linked In: ‘Yeah, I have an account, but I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do with it.’
You Tube: ‘You Tube is a social media site? I thought it was for videos.’
Pinterest: ‘Pinterest? Never heard of it!’

Nevertheless, there are a number of ways that social media can help you build your Feldenkrais practice.

For one thing, people want to know something about you before they’re likely to call you, and social media sites are among the best ways for you to increase how well you’re known, liked and trusted.

Social media platforms are where you can give people value and let them see enough of who you are that they will feel comfortable taking the next step. You can showcase your expertise — which is what they’re looking for on the internet.

The first key in using social media to build your Feldenkrais® practice is to create your own social media blueprint. Here are the steps:

  1. Decide on what you hope to accomplish,
  2. Factor in the amount of time you can spend on it as ONE strategy to build your practice,
  3. Learn what you need to know,
  4. Work at it until you become proficient, and then…
  5. Do it consistently!

Remember that the only plan that will be effective is the one you will do on a consistent basis. So, for example, if you absolutely hate Twitter, don’t include it in your plan.

Start using social media just like you’d do an Awareness Through Movement® lesson — with all the exploration and experimentation you need to do to make it feel just right for you. This will give you a great start to build on as you become more and more comfortable.

Your social media presence is becoming more and more important — and your practice can benefit, if you learn to use them effectively and consistently!


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