Allison Rapp

On leadership, little people and big people

What could change if WE changed? If we raised our Feldenkrais® colleagues up instead knocking them down? If we let out our inner transformational leader?

“Little people knock you down… Big people raise you up!” — Mark Holland

This struck me today as the words came out of the mouth of one of my cohorts at the Mastermind weekend I’m attending.

How exciting it is to find colleagues whose first thought has to do with making people feel more than, rather than less than. How wonderful to see oneself through the eyes of a person who sees more in you than you see in yourself. How splendid to cultivate in oneself the skill and vision it takes to see more in others than they see in themselves! What a joy to be in a community where that’s the norm.

I see wonderful things for the Feldenkrais community if we can make that our own norm. What would the world think of us, if we thought highly enough of our colleagues to make our first effort raising them up rather than looking for something to pick at, something to laugh at, something to complain about.

For an inspirational TED lecture on this subject, have a look what at our friend — well, he’s mainly Michael’s friend — Ben Zander, has to say about what real leadership is…

Ben Zander on Leadership and Raising People UP


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