Allison Rapp

Nobody Wants To Be Talked Into Needing Your Help

Convincing people they have a problem you can solve is really tough and most of the time, it doesn't work. That doesn't mean you're never going to figure out how to get new clients, though... the key lies in doing something different than what you're used to!

Do you ever ask yourself  “How can I get people to want what I offer? How do I convince them they need my modality?”

I wouldn’t be surprised, because these are the questions I get asked all the time!

The answer is that you can’t usually do it, because, for the most part, people don’t want to be “gotten into” anything.

But you know what? Even if you could do it, you wouldn’t want to, because that’s selling and I know you’re trying to avoid selling–it just doesn’t feel like you!

The key is to stop convincing

What I’ve discovered is that the answer is to come from an entirely different part of yourself than the one that asks those questions in the first place. The part you’re looking for is the one who shows up to serve the person you’re talking with. That means that you help them get whatever it is that furthers their highest good, whether that means working with you or not.

When you show up in service to the other person it becomes more important for you to understand who they are and what they want–and less important to you that they hear all about how your modality is exactly the thing that will help them.

When it’s more interesting to you to hear about them and what they need than it is to talk about yourself or your work, you’re in that place. 

People love to tell you about themselves

Ironically, the more genuinely interested you are in others, the more interested they become in what you can do for them. As that interest is sparked, they’ee likely to ask you how you can help them get what they want!

To get a better idea of what this means in your own practice, ask yourself:

  • When you speak with a new person, how much of the time do you talk and how much do you listen?
  • What do you talk about? Why are you talking about that?
  • What do you learn from the questions you ask?

You probably aren’t getting as many clients as you’d like if you’re talking about the wrong thing—and that’s especially important if you talk more than you listen—and if you don’t learn the right things about your clients from the questions you ask.

If this makes sense–but you don’t know how to implement it–the Heart to Heart program can help you.

Heart to Heart is where you learn how to attract people to you, make them curious so they want to know more about you, and boost them into orbit around your practice. It’s where you’ll learn how to have effective enrollment conversations and how to create opportunities to have them. Heart to Heart is how you get on the path to getting 80% of the people you see for the first time to become long term clients!


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