Allison Rapp

Is the High-Fiver Diet Right For You?

Everybody loves to hear how they've helped... and letting them know is good for both people!
A good HIGH-FIVE helps two hearts!
A good HIGH-FIVE helps two hearts!

In the last couple of days, I’ve received emails from two of my private mentoring clients.

They both touched me because they told me that the work we’ve been doing together has led to tangible results. And they were specific about what happened, so I had a clear connection from what we did to what they got. It was an e-High-Five, and it felt great!

I’ve recently been thinking about this because much of what I’m doing with my clients revolves around practice-building. Of course, a lot of that is about enrolling new clients…

When you talk to prospective clients, you have to let them know that you know your stuff… otherwise, why would they want to work with you? Where do you get those stories — those “high-fivers” — from?

Having  High-Fivers at your fingertips depends on hearing success stories from your clients.

So the real question is, how do you get them to tell you something meaningful? How do you get them to say “something you did helped me —  something you wrote moved me — something you said inspired me” —  when it may be hard for you to ask outright? And especially when you hope for something more concrete than something!

What I’ve discovered is that — as usual — I have to start with myself!  Otherwise, how can I ask, and how could I receive it if it came without asking? It’s like Gandhi telling the woman who wanted him to admonish her child not to eat sweets — “Come back in 3 days.”  What? Why? Why not tell the child now, while he’s standing there?  Because first, Gandhi had to get into his own integrity and stop eating sweets!

When was the last time you followed the “Do as I say and not as I do” rule? Yeah, I know — my memory doesn’t go back that far, either!

When you wish more people would read your blog, visit your website, let you know your work is valued or sign up for your Feldenkrais®workshop, you’re looking for a High-Fiver, and the first place to look is in the mirror.

Letting someone know how they’ve helped you creates the space for someone else to tell you the same thing. It creates an energy, a bond, a resonance, an opening.  It’s more than saying “thanks” — it’s saying:

“I just have to tell you! Last week I got 2 more clients who each signed on for 10 sessions! I’m so excited!”


“That promo you helped me with is generating a different kind of response than I am used to seeing!”

It’s letting someone who gave you valuable information know that you got something from it.

It’s telling the person whose workshop you just took what you got out of it.

And it’s even okay if you help yourself at the same time you give someone else juice… like when you leave a comment on a blog and it helps you raise your own website’s visibility! That’s like a Double-Dip High-Fiver! And it’s so easy that we all could be doing it!

How many lives could you change, if you went on a High-Fiver Diet??


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