Allison Rapp

Feldenkrais Practitioners! Can you help people with sleep problems?

Feldenkrais® Practitioners who help people with insomnia and other sleep problems can get ideas about how to find the people who need them from this infographic.
Insomnia infographic gives Feldenkrais and Sounder Sleep Practitioners marketing ideas
I hope it’s not YOU!

For some it’s always the same story.

For others, people, some nights, it’s easy, and some nights, it just doesn’t happen.

And for those who are affected by the moon, it may change predictably throughout the month.

But for everyone with insomnia or other problems sleeping, there are predictable and unpleasant results: people who don’t sleep enough don’t work as efficiently, get sick more often, gain more weight, have more headaches and are less able to handle stress well, when compared with people who get enough sleep.

If you’re a Feldenkrais® Practitioner who helps people with sleep problems, you likely have quite a lot of ways to work with people. You have a lot of ideas that can help them. You may be offering workshops and classes for them or you may be available to see them privately.

Generally, for Feldenkrais® Practitioners, the problem is not what to do with people — it’s how to get them into your studio in the first place! Often, just having a great new idea about a group that needs your help can spur your imagination and the next thing you know, you’ve got an Awareness Through Movement® series or workshop underway, or a new idea about how to interest people in Functional Integration® — or if you’re trained in the Sounder Sleep System®, you may find a new focal point for people to discover you.

Infographics are a great way to get your juices flowing and I hope this one will give you some ideas about how to find specific groups of people who need your specialized knowledge, and how to help them see the value of your work.

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Sweet dreams!